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Jakčev dom

Operating under the aegis of the Dolenjska Museum is the outstation of Jakčev Dom (Jakac House), which is a monument to one of the most famous Slovenian painters and graphic artists, Božidar Jakac (1899–1989).

The desire to establish a permanent collection of Jakac’s works in Novo Mesto reached a new intensity in 1964 with the planning of a Jakac pavilion. Unfortunately, economic difficulties meant that this project could not be realised. It was not until later, in the year of the artist’s eightieth birthday, that the idea came to fruition and the artist’s works found a permanent home in a building that had formerly belonged to Jakac’s parents. In 1904 the artist’s father, Anton Jakac, commissioned the Friulian architect Giuseppe Oliva to build a modern hotel and café. After the war the building was used as a workers’ canteen. In 1965 it became a catering school, and in 1984 it was converted into a gallery run by the Dolenjska Museum; in this way it was symbolically returned to the artist and, in recognition of Jakac’s creativity and in his memory, it became Jakčev Dom (The Jakac Centre). The concept and content of Jakčev Dom remained unchanged, with all the exhibition space dedicated to Božidar Jakac, until 2006. This year, however, we have decided to widen the circle of exhibitions and offer visitors, in addition to the permanent Božidar Jakac exhibition, two further permanent exhibitions – the permanent art exhibition of the Dolenjska Museum and an art education exhibition – and also to devote some of the exhibition spaces to gallery activities, where we hope to offer artists from Slovenia and abroad the opportunity to present their works.

Jakčev dom
Sokolska ulica 1, 8000 Novo mesto
tel.:+386 (0) 7 373 11 31
e-mail: jakcev.dom@siol.net

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Hotel Jakac, 1904.

Jakčev dom

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