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Kočevski rog - Baza 20

The outstation of Kočevski Rog was established in 1994, when the Dolenjska Museum of Novo Mesto became the custodian of monuments from the time of the Second World War in the area of Kočevski Rog. The outstation therefore maintains Baza 20 (Base 20) plus the Partisan field hospitals of Jelendol and Zgornji Hrastnik along with their attached graveyards. All three complexes of wooden huts were protected by law as cultural monuments back in 1952, and today they stand as monuments of national importance. At all three still entirely preserved monuments we provide the museum presentation, ongoing maintenance and restoration work. The professionalism of the work undertaken is overseen by the Novo Mesto Regional Unit of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, while funds needed for renovation are contributed by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.

The outstation is centred at Lukov Dom below Baza 20. Here visitors to Kočevski Rog and Baza 20 can see a short introductory film about Kočevski Rog, and guides are also available.

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The Kocevski Rog outstation is based at Lukov Dom below Baza 20

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